GISVA endeavors to provide a wide audience with the easiest possible access to state of the art medical information and research. Central to this is the building and commissioning of a large online knowledge database - a Compendium for vascular anomalies. This project, in collaboration with experts from numerous specialist disciplines, uniquely combines scientific expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of vascular anomalies with a multi-faceted real patient case database. Interested parties, be it medical professionals, patients or relatives can acquire detailed knowledge of vascular anomalies in the form of a self-learning process to an unprecedented extent. In addition to medical facts on the clinical pictures, informations related to treatment options and disease-related interdisciplinary subjects such as exercise therapy, pain treatment and problems in the activities of daily life, are conveyed. Funding is strictly private without involvement of companies or industry.


The objectives of GISVA include the interdisciplinary knowledge exchange among experts and the free distribution of knowledge in the field of vascular anomalies. Current knowledge is to be made more accessible and disseminated to clinical and scientific practitioners, basic researchers, psychologists, pain therapists and physiotherapists, while at the same time promoting a continuous updating of knowledge. The GISVA is aimed at all medical disciplines and related disciplines that deal intensively in the field of vascular anomalies.


The society unites and represents the different medical disciplines and specializations that deal with the long-term care of patients with vascular and tissue anomalies in German-speaking countries. As a society for medical professions, it works closely with patient support groups nationwide.
However, an individual medical consultation for patients is therefore not the subject of the activities of GISVA.


Another goal of the GISVA is to design information events and workshops for a specialist audience in Germany and throughout Europe, and to gain a national and international lighthouse effect by establishing a sound and comprehensive knowledge base on vascular anomalies. The GISVA has also set itself the goal of promoting public relations and participation in opinion making in politics, in social security institutions, care givers and in society at large.