Foundation of the interdisciplinary center for vascular anomalies - great progress for patients with rare vascular diseases

28 Oct 2018


Prime Minister Reiner Haseloff | Symposium of the German Interdisciplinary Society for Vascular Anomalies
Prime Minister Reiner Haseloff at the opening of the Interdisciplinary Center for Vascular Anomalies | Photos: Daniel Gandyra / UKH

Prime Minister Reiner Haseloff explained: “I expressly welcome, any initiative that improves the chances of diagnosis and recovery for patients with rare diseases. In this context, the opening of the Interdisciplinary Center for Vascular Anomalies is another important step. I am pleased that such a center is anchored in Saxony-Anhalt and is open to patients from all over Germany”.
“With Professor Wohlgemuth, a nationally recognized expert came to Saxony-Anhalt”, said the President of the Medical Association, Dr. med. Simone Heinemann-Meerz. The positive development of this new service focus at UKH and the interdisciplinary structures with more than ten disciplines were emphasized by the newly assigned Medical Director, Professor Dr. Thomas Moesta. He praised the strategic direction of radiology. “Establishing the subject as clinical radiology with its own ambulance and bed-warding department is trend-setting. Minimally invasive procedures are the future”, says Moesta.


Speakers of the Masterclass vascular anomalies
Speakers of the Masterclass vascular anomalies | Photo: GISVA

The event was a complete success and was well attended. The latest scientific findings on the diagnosis and treatment of rare vascular diseases were presented by well-known speakers from German-speaking countries and discussed intensively. Patient representatives presented the often long ordeal due to inadequate care structures. GISVA's goal is to improve care for patients with this rare disease. It creates structures of networking and organizes further education, as on Friday a Masterclass vascular anomalies. More than 70 doctors have trained there in an intensive seminar.
The most important thing is to convey knowledge about this rare and often difficult to diagnose disease, said Wohlgemuth, who is pleased with the successful conference. “This goal has been achieved. The high interest in the Masterclass confirms this. I am particularly pleased by the positive response to our Compendium Vascular Anomalies ”, a scientifically-based online reference book with clinical cases, which is available free of charge at “We have taken a big step forward in sharing our knowledge and helping so many patients.”

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